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  • Lime Rock Park (map)
  • 60 White Hollow Road
  • Lakeville, CT, 06039
  • United States

1 or 2-day High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) with North Country Region PCA

Price for 1 or 2-days:

Track Car Rental:

BMW M3 DCT or 6-Speed Manual: $1,500 for 1-day, or $2,800 for 2-days

BMW M3 Race Car: $1,950 for 1-day, or $3,600 for 2-days

Track Car Rentals include all consumables (gas, tires, brakes), towing to and from the track and support of the car for the entire event, you just arrive and drive!

Track Fees: TBD (approx. $200 for 1-day and $400 for 2-days)

Track Fees include event entry fee and instruction.

To sign-up for this event, call us now at 617-663-8670, or click the button below and send us an email!